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This is a detailed list of Movies with the partecipation of Grazia Daddario

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La Ragazza Dei Miei Sogni Pic

- La Ragazza Dei Miei Sogni (The Girl of My Dreams) - A Movie of Saverio di Biagio

- and the appearance of Grazia Daddario -

The Girl of My Dreams is a story of Love and passion. This movie follows the book with the same name by Francesco Dimitri (Edition Gorgoyle Books) who also dilingently worked on the screenplay together with the Director Saverio di Biagio. The writer has already obtained a distinct attention by both, the Critics and the readers of the so-called genre urban- fantasy. The Cast: Primo Reggiani, Nicolas Vaporidis, Marco Rossetti, Miriam Giovannelli, Chiara Gensini, Remo Girone, Nicola Nocella, with the special partecipation of Grazia Daddario, during the five weeks long production in Italy between Bari, Giovinazzo e Molfetta.

La ragazza dei miei sogni - (The Girl of My Dreams), produced by Corrado Azzolini of Draka Production, has attained the support from the Foundation Apulia Film Commission and, the assistance of an American co-production. Corrado Azzolini said: "Di Biagio is painting a story of Love and Passion, where nothing is as it appears and, where the backscene than runs through things and people has an heavy weight and an unexpected significance: The magic comes from the old books full of dust and, to the gothic and medieval environments; from the fresh vitality of the Urban Life, to the modernity made of underground roads and bridges, from the metal beams to Street Art".

Most of us know for sure what's going on as we meet the girl of our dreams. But instead, try for a moment to think what would happen if after a long period of loneliness the perfect girl comes along, fulfilling a desire of friendship, of love ... and sex. There would only be happiness, and happiness could last forever even if you are not so lucky to meet a magician punk, which will reveal the enchantment that runs through the streets of the city, making you discover the reality hidden wonders and horrors of which is suspected the existence. All love comes with a downside, and behind every dream could hide the worst of your nightmares. When you are at the crossroads, it is possible to do or make bad decisions but, in most cases one must decide to sacrifice something. This is the story that will captivate you, move you and terrify those who have loved, those who love and all of those who will only dream of doing so.


Il racconto dei racconti Pic

- Tale of Tales - by Matteo Garrone with Salma Hayek -

- and the appearance of Grazia Daddario -

On the 14 of May 2015, 01 Distribution brings in the Italian film The Tale of Tales, the first English-language film by Matteo Garrone (Gomorra, Reality) freely adapted from "Pentamerone" Giambattista Basile. The film screened in competition at the Cannes Film Festival (May 13 to 24 2015) is played by a cast of international as Salma Hayek, Vincent Cassel, Toby Jones, John C. Reilly, Alba Rohrwacher, Shirley Henderson, Hayley Carmichael, Bebe Cave, Stacy Martin, Christian Lees, Jonah Lees, Guillaume Delaunay with the participation of Grazia Daddario. "Pentamerone" is a collection of 50 tales in Neapolitan language published between 1634 and 1636 in Naples. The story of the stories will be produced by the same director and Archimedes. He will have the help of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism.

The official storyline: The kings and queens, princes and princesses, forests and castles of three neighboring kingdoms and timeless; and then orcs, unique animals, dragons, witches, old washerwomen and circus artists are the focus three stories freely inspired to many tales of "The Tale of Tales" by Giambattista Basile.

Written between 1634 and 1636 and published under the title of Pentamerone overo the trattenemiento de peccerille, opera Basile translated into Italian by the Cross is a collection of 50 tales in Neapolitan language, told by 10 narrators in 5 days (and this is also known as Pentamerone). The atmosphere of enchantment and Gothic, in a story between the real and surreal. The new film by Matteo Garrone The story of stories - Tale of Tales - illustrates a fairy-tale world of the seventh century, with kings and queens, dragons with extraordinary appearance and much more interesting characters. The same Garrone confirms that the stories describe a world in which are summarized the opposite of life: the ordinary and the extraordinary, the magical and the everyday, the royal and the scurrilous, the terrible and sweet.


Spring Pic

- "Spring" - by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead -

- with the appearance of Grazia Daddario -

"Spring," is a romance story that somehow, turns horribly wrong. The Tone of "Spring" with its "Sunset" and painted landscapes in the protagonist's journey, is what makes this movie a must see. Unpolished but resolute American Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci) flees to Italy after his mother dies, and stumbles into a love affair with mysterious local Louise (Nadia Hilker). What makes "Spring" special is the process of discovery that Evan goes through to get closer to Louise, where even a local resident of this charming city (Grazia Daddario) seems to be possesed by the same dark mistery.

We follow Evan as he flees first to Rome, and then to scenic Apulia. Initially, he goes around with some nasty but funny British duo. Then he takes a live-in job working with bizarre farmer Angelo (Francesco Carnelutti). Then Evan finds Louise, and "Spring" starts to drift into darker territory.

The real reason you should see "Spring" is the relationship between Louise and Evan. Both characters in their first meeting are at their best: Evan bursts his way through this weird encounter, asking Louise if she only wants to have sex with him since she seems a prostitute. It's a suspicion that's mirrored later in the film when an awkward American tourist assumes he can pay Louise for sex.

"Spring" has a lot to offer, particularly for those scenes where Pucci and Hilker communicate with each other, looking for some sign of reciprocal change, some hint that there's more to their mutual attraction than chemistry and dumb luck. Will they find the answers they're looking for?


Sei mai stata sulla luna Pic

- Sei Mai Stata Sulla Luna ( Have You Ever Been on the Moon) - of Paolo Genovese with Raoul Bova e Liz Solari -

- Grazia Daddario = as " The Farmer friend of Felice " -

On the one hand, the bustle of the city where unrestrained moves diligently our protagonist (Liz Solari) her boyfriend (Peter Dale) and his assistant (Giulia Michelini). Across a small town in Puglia stunned by the arrival of the beautiful journalist, where we will find a carousel of hilarious characters and original: the factor Renzo (Raoul Bova), the bartender avant-garde (Emilio Solfrizzi) that has no problem carrying around in the car a Women at Age reasonably more advanced than him (Grazia Daddario), the classic bartender (Sergio Rubini), Pine (Neri Marcorè).

The autistic cousin aspiring priest; Mara (Sabrina Impacciatore), the banking dreamer and Anita, veterinary mysterious; Oderzo (Nino Frassica), the farmer who emigrated to North and Latin scholar notary (Dino Abbrescia); doer estate Butcher (Paul Sassanelli), the cow Celestina and many others.

Have you ever been On The Moon is in fact, a romantic comedy suspended between town and country that tells meeting between two different worlds. Guia is a thirty year old who works in a prestigious international journal of fashion. The "Perks" of her work are a luxurious spider and a private jet that strives to live both in Milan and Paris. When Liz Solari, inherits a farm in Puglia, the novelty is simply a problem to be solved soon. Upon reaching the farm decides to discard it to be able to immediately return to her life in the city. But she must first come to terms with the local community that opposes the sale, with a cousin a little ...out there (Marcorè) and with a charming local farmer that make her realize that the only thing that she is missing is love, the real one. Many times, we don't know what we want in life and there is always the risk of missing the train of a great opportunity. Happiness will be one step away from her ... will she know how to grab it?


Buona Giornata Pic

- Buona Giornata - (A GOOD DAY) of Carlo Vanzina with D. Abatantuono, C. De Sica e Lino Banfi -

- and the appearance of Grazia Daddario -

Directed by Carlo Vanzinas with Lino Banfi, Diego Abatantuono, Christian De Sica, Vincenzo Salemme, Maurizio Mattioli,Valentina Persia, Giorgia Trasselli, Teresa Mannino, Tosca D'Aquino, Paolo Conticini, Gabriele Cirilli,Tiziana Schiavarelli, Dante Marmone, Chiara Francini and with the participation of Grazia Daddario, A Good day is a fun Comedy of 2012. This film illustrates a typical day, in Italy. A day spent by people of today, a biography of the Italians, with their problems to their stories,the vices and defects. The film made from north to south (Milan, Verona, Florence, Rome, Naples, Bari, Potenza) seeks to represent and encompass the funny side of the situation in a regional context, language and behavior of the various Italic "ethnic groups". The stories of the most important characters of this film will alternate and will cross path during different times of the day such as:

Leonardo Lo Bianco, a senator of the Italian Republic is accused of corruption, but before his arrest materialize, he leads all his fellow party members to be present at the vote, including a colleague who appears to be dead during a meeting with a Brazilian transsexual. Will it be able to avoid his arrest?

Prince Ascanio Cavallini Gaetani impoverished nobleman, bachelor persuaded, forced to rent the ancient family residence to the producers of a fiction just to scrape together some money, trying nonetheless to give others a good impression of his being, seeming still filthy rich and attending environments of well-to-do in Rome. Will he keep his dignity in Rome? Will it be able to avoid arrest?

Rosaria Micciché, a respected manager of Milan, originally from Lampedusa, fixed with good health, technology and punctuality, undergoes a series of events during the train journey between Milan and Rome; dropped to Bologna during a stopover, she can not go back, leaving on the train all the documents, cellphone and computer. Will her manage to get to Rome?

Alberto Dominici, wealthy businessman Roman, typical tax evader, who informed his partner of a can, next examination of the Financial Police look hastily dismantle all incriminating evidence: before it destroys all the documents proving his illegal activities and his fraud to the IRS. Will it be able to avoid arrest?

Luigi Pinardi, wealthy notary of Naples, thanks to an advice from a friend, takes advantage of the parallel absence of his wife and children to enjoy a meeting with the beautiful Russian Svetlana, an Escort; then when his wife comes home earlier than expected problems arise. Will he be able to come up with a cover up story?

Romeo Telleschi, recently moved from Milan to Monopoli after marriage, is an unfortunate representative of home automation and everything in his life is about his work, paying therefore little or no attention to severe family issues. Will he recognize the problem and get the affection of the children back?

Finally, Cecco, one diehard fan of Fiorentina, prey to strange superstitious rituals, who along with his girlfriend, now weakened by his attitudes, is trying to replicate in all respects the actions and the moments made six months before, when his soccer team had won the previous trip to Verona. Will he allow his girlfriend to have sex with an architect from Verona, which said that he will hand victory to Fiorentina?


100 metri dal paradiso Pic

- 100 Metri Dal Paradiso (100 Meters from Paradise)- Directed by Raffaele Verzillo -

- Grazia Daddario as " Ottavio's Companion at Villa Paradiso -

A good comedy in the Italian cinemas is the one that sees as protagonists Domenico Fortunato in the role of Monsignor Angelo Paolini, an enlightened spirit, deeply convinced that the Church should "upgrade" its language in order to continue to witness to the word of God to the world. Mario Guarrazzi (Jordi Mollà), his close childhood friend, is instead a former sprinter who, in his career, he won everything except the most important thing: the Olympics. A worry that has marked his life and who seeks redemption through his son Tommaso (Lorenzo Richelmy), also a great sprinter. His hope is switched off, however, when Thomas reveals to him that he could not go to the Games because it intends to become a monk. Mario is the meltdown! Hopefully and paradoxically, it is pecisely an idea of Angelo who think they can solve their own needs and those of his friend through a project nothing short of staggering: put on the National Olympic Vatican and participate in the London Olympics 2012. The idea, is appreciated by the Secretary of State (Mariano Rigillo), however, is rejected by the direct superior of Paolini, His Eminence Higgins (Ralph Palka), sure expression of the a more conservative side of the Church. The only way forward is to "get around" the obstacle and organize a blow against the church hierarchy. Thus began the second phase of the crazy project. Find among religious worldwide former sports alongside Thomas to build the team Vatican. The 27th of July 2012. At the opening of the XXX Olympiad is, amazingly, we will even find the National Team of the Vatican.

The director from Caserta, experienced TV maker with (Enchantment, A doctor in family 7, Condom) returns to the cinema, after Animanera (2006). The film's characters are Domenico Fortunato, actor from Puglia, as well as the great actress Grace Daddario. Jordi Mollà, Catalan actor, in the role of Mario Guarrazzi and young Lorenzo Richelmy in the role of Thomas Guarrazzi. Stefano Mainetti is the author's soundtrack.

The film, produced by Scripta in collaboration with Rai Cinema, was shot with the working title: 100 meters from Paradise for four consecutive weeks, between October and November 2011 between Bari (Stadio San Nicola, the Palace of the Province as the main location), Torre reeds at Case Bianche, Ceglie (train station), Triggiano, Brindisi, and the last two weeks of shooting in Rome.



- Non Me Lo Dire ( Don't Tell Me) - Directed by Vito Cea

- and the appearance of Grazia Daddario -

Lello Morgese (Uccio De Santis), well-known actor and a comedian from Apulia, is left by his wife, tired of being continually overlooked because of his work commitments and also tired of his arrogance and his forced distance, due to the busy schedule linked to < a successful theater tour. Suddenly alone, Lello does not know what to do when, in the throes of depression, abandons the last show and turns to a psychiatrist who invites him to regain the position through a rather bizarre cure: rediscover the enthusiasm through the support of its fans.

Hence, the decision to take a trip in the beautiful surroundings of Puglia looking for those fans who, thanks to his actors' performances, finds the smile and, arguably, even himself, forgetting the hardships of everyday life. He does not stop at any obstacle, even when attending a funeral where he meets the widow (Grazia Daddario) is she another admirer?


mannaggia alla miseria Pic

- Mannaggia Alla Miseria (Damn Misery) - Directed by Lina Wertmuller -

- Grazia Daddario = as " Linarella " -

The film, whose story is set in Naples, was shot almost entirely in Puglia two years ago between Martina Franca, Taranto and Brindisi, and is produced by Titania Productions of Ida Di Benedetto with Rai Cinema and with the contribution of Apulia Film Commission. Presented in competition at the 63rd International Festival of Cinema of Salerno, the film went on air as a first-run movies on RAI 1 on June 2nd, 2010, achieving an audience of near 5 million viewers and an audience share of 20.39%.

"Damn misery" starring the young Gabriella Pession and Sergio Assisi, while the cast is completed with the Piera Espositi, Roberto Herlitzka, Thomas Ramenghi, Peppe Servillo, Luca De Filippo, Marta Bifano, Mattia De Vito and the participation of Grace Daddario.

The film is inspired by the figure of Mohammed Yunus "the banker of the poor", 2006 Nobel Prize for Peace, founder of microcredit, which is useful to support small businesses too poor to circuits standard bank of Bangladesh.

It is in Naples that three guys fresh graduate, decides to import in the capital of Campania this new financing system. Just returned from a trip in the Indian subcontinent, Antonio, Chicchino and Marina, all three of their early thirties, ingeniously creates in Naples the credit system for the poor people. So novel "bankers of the poor" as their teacher, they ingeniously manage to find people who need an early loan in order to open a small business and lift themselves out of poverty conditions they are faceing. Attempting to this kind of social revolution in which they launch themselves cheerfully, results to the dismay of their families who rather wished for them a job in the bank. This story will then become an adventure that brings them into contact with an unknown humanitarial encounters.


l'anima gemella Pic

- L'Anima Gemella (The Twin Soul)- Directed by Sergio Rubini -

- Grazia Daddario = as " Giustina " -

In a small town in Puglia lives Teresa, spoiled and arrogant daughter of a wealthy merchant of fish, which is going to get married with Tonino, an employee of his father. Actually Tonino loves Magdalena, Teresa's cousin, sweet girl whose Teresa envy everything. This envy of Teresa is strong enough to claim the presence of Magdalene at her wedding. However, the event ends tragically, with no altar and no vow for Tonino, who instead runs away with Maddalena.

The two young people find refuge in a beach of Salento, where they wait hoping for the situatation to settle a bit, but Teresa has been offended in his pride and tries all means lawful and unlawful to retaliate. Until Aunt Justine (Grazia Daddario) brings her to a woman in the country whos able to do small magic for good purposes.

The woman, mother of barber Angelantonio, refuses to operate as she believes that the magic can not help Teresa, but accidentally she proposes something different: transform Teresa as Maddalena, with the same body and the same face, forgetting however, to disclose anything about the same soulful behavior. Teresa promises anything to have the spell, coming to claim and threaten, but she refuses. The greedy son, however, forces the events until the magic is made in order to collect the money and gets along with Teresa: kidnaps Maddalena and meets with Teresa in an abandoned quarry. Here it begins the ritual that, unfortunately, seems to have failed, but soon enough, Teresa finds himself at home in a body equal to the one of Maddalena.

Will Teresa succeed, now in the role and in the body of Maddalena to capture the love of Tonino?

The film was set and filmed in Salento, the southernmost part of Puglia, especially in Gallipoli, with scenes also in Nardò. Some shots are taken also in Santa Cesarea Terme (Sticchi Villa) and at the Location Ciolo (Gagliano del Capo).


ama il tuo nemico Pic

- Ama il Tuo Nemico (Love Your Enemy) - Directed by Damiano Damiani -

- and the appearance of Grazia Daddario -

Fabrizio Canepa (Andrea di Stefano) a minor gangster who collects "protection money" from local shopkeepers receives a new and dangerous assignment from the boss Nisticò - to kill Don Paolo, the highly respected local priest. However, before than the assassination could take place, Fabrizio lands in jail for racketeering and drug charges. The good priest who preaches love not hate regularly visits him in jail and Fabrizio's outlook on life begins to change.

After his release, he enters a seminary where he studies to become a priest. Don Paolo however, dies in Fabrizio's arms. Beautiful raven-haired Rachele who is addicted to drugs makes persistent but unsuccessful attempts to seduce Fabrizio. Her frustrations and unbalanced uncontrollable behaviour is convincingly portrayed.

She ended up accusing Fabrizio of rape. Nisticò the ruthless mafia leader and his son Mauro show reluctance to establish a truce as faith confronts organised crime.

Abandoned and alone will Don Fabrizio resist and demonstrate that after all you can "Love Your Enemy"?


Odore di Pioggia Pic

- Odore Di Pioggia (Scent of Rain) - Directed by Nico Cirasola -

- Grazia Daddario = as " Madre " -

Toto (Toto Onnis) is a painstakingly nice young man. If one had to name one thing that is wrong with him, it would be his persuasion that he is a poet. Well, feasibly he is.

If so, that might be the reason for his lack of a job, his daydreaming, and his wandering all over his southern Italian neighborhood on his immaculate motorcycle. However, his father and his neighbors, who love him, have their uncertainties. Sporadically, Toto takes the time to have a conversation with the elder folks of the village he lives in, and with the local barber.

Moreover, he certainly finds the time to enjoy the sexual gifts of the fed up wife of an American service member (Agnete Vossgard). In the meantime, he dreams of a relationship with the lovely young woman he contemplates to be his muse (Claudia Criesmayer), to some extent in the manner of Dante's Beatrice.

It is arguable whether anyone's ideas about him have changed by the end of the film, when he is taking a train ride up north to pick up a literary award for his work, but it is nevertheless sufficient.

Bio List

At the end of the millennium, Grazia Daddario participates in much different type of TV shows.

In this Vitrine, we will underline only a couple.



- FORUM - TV Show - Canale 5

- Special Guest - Grazia Daddario -

Forum is a Court of Law, where there are discussions over disputes, along with a nice dose of fightings, typical of our dear every-day lifestyle.

Forum is a Court of Law, where there are discussions over disputes, along with a nice dose of fighting typical of our dear every-day lifestyle. Called to analyse the cause between both parties, is an order of judge authorities, that guaranties balance and clarity that is managed this year by Beatrice Dalia, Maretta Scoca, Francesco Foti, Nino Marazzita e Stefano Marzano.


La sai l'ultima Pic

- La sai l'ultima - TV Show - Canale 5

- Special Guest - Grazia Daddario -

This show, created by Gigi Reggi, is a competition between stand up comedians. In every episode, they will fight with gigs of max three jokes. The public present in the studio will then select the winner by applauding (an automatic mechanism – the Applause Meter - will measure the applause and display the results). The Applause Meter nearly exploded after Grazia Daddario’s performance.

Tale of Tales Pic

Bio List

In the early '80s, Grace has participated in several types of Theatrical performances, dramas and comedies. The theater offers a real contact.

Improvisation is almost a daily bread. At times, the inclusion of some jokes in dialect makes the interpretation a touch closer to the public.


Le Rizze So Chine Pic

- "Le rizze so chine" - (The sea urchins are full) - Comedy of Alberto Rubini -

- with Grazia Daddario -

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La Megghiere Jie Nu Chiangone Pic

- "La megghiere jiè nu chiangone" - (The wife is a chained rock)
Comedy interpreted by the troupe "Ariete" -

- with Grazia Daddario -

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U Veglionissime Della Stambe Pic

- "'U veglionissime della stambe" - (The Press Party)
Comedy interpreted by the troupe "Ariete" -

- with Grazia Daddario -

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Tutta Colpa Delle Nuore Pic

- "Tutta colpa delle nuore" - (It is always the daughters in law's fault)
Comedy interpreted by the troupe "Ariete" -

- with Grazia Daddario -

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Le Suocere Pic

- "Le suocere" - (The mother in law)
Comedy interpreted by the troupe "Ariete" -

- with Grazia Daddario -

The troupe "Aries" of Mino De Bartolomeo and Rosaria Barracano will be twenty years old in 2015. The company is bringing in the teathers the mothers-in-law, a comedy written by De Bartolomeo and by Barracano exactly in 1995, at the beginning of theatrical activity, giving us the opportunity to appreciate their humour.

"Directing as well as with the script - says the director Barracano, - I wanted to give a lot of importance to the mimicry, even more than the funny joke. As the expressive power of the face, can show a lot more than the words can. For the twentieth anniversary of the Group, in 2015, we hope to continue to ensure a healthy fun. What we have done in these years is bringing to the teathers 19 plays in vernacular language. ".

The mother in law is a satire on the increasingly stormy relations between daughters-in-law and their respective mothers in law. The story is set in an alley of the old town, where they live and work a cobbler and a woman preparing orecchiette’s pasta on a wood board. The two characters, daily, are spectators of the events of those who live in the basements of the alley: two sisters and a brother both motherless, a priest and a woman who always complains because she has a child away. She would like to see him settled.

The cobbler, great bungler, weaves an intrigue against one of the two sisters, but then it turns out to be the reason of their reconciliation. The story features a comedy that flows from weird situations and colourful dialect language, which is the core of the culture of the southern Italian land. The story enriched with twists and turns, offers every so often opportunities for reflection. On stage Actors Grazia Daddario, Sabino Armenise, Rosanna Farella, Marisa Lusco, Riccardo Lucchese, Giuseppe Pollonio, Rita Scattarelli, Daniela Sicolo.


Don Emanuele Pic

- "Don Emanuele" - (The Priest Emanuele)
Comedy interpreted by the troupe "Ariete" -

- with Grazia Daddario -

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Giovanni o Femmene Pic

- "Jiè femmene o jiè Giuanne" - (Is her a Female or is he John)
Comedy directed by Nicola Pignataro and interpreted by the troupe "N. Pignataro" -

- with Grazia Daddario -

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Rocco Pic

- "Rocco la maà chiandà!" - (Rocco ...that's it.)
Farce written, directed and interpreted by Grazia Daddario -

- with Daniele Cannella -

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Uccelli Ruvo Pic

- "Uccelli di Ruvo" - (The Thorn Birds of Ruvo)
Comedy interpreted by the troupe "Teatrincontro" -

- with Grazia Daddario -

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Un Soldato Pic

- "Una donna, un soldato, una storia" - (A Woman, a soldier, a story)
Comedy interpreted by the troupe "Teatrincontro" -

- with Grazia Daddario -

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Faust Pic

- "Quando il diavolo t'accarezza - ovvero - Faust l'alchimista"
(When the devil caresses you - or better - Faust the Alchemist)
- Comedy interpreted by the troupe "Teatrincontro" -

- with Grazia Daddario -

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Procession Pic

- "La cera si strusce e la brigissione non gamine" - (The wax is consuming but the procession is not walking)
- Comedy written and diirected by Nico Salatino interpreted by the troupe "Teatrincontro" -

- with Grazia Daddario -

- Given the huge success it replicates for three years in a row -

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U condominie Pic

- "'U condominie" - (The condo)
Comedy directed by Rocco Servodio and interpreted by the troupe
"Teatro Meridionale" of Mino Barbarese -

- with Grazia Daddario -

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Letto Pic

- "La zite jindo 'o litte" - Comedy written by Pippo Volpe
and Nico Salatino interpreted by the troupe "Teatrincontro"
directed by Nico Salatino. -

- with Grazia Daddario -

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Panni Pic

- "La Portapannera" - (The woman that holds the laundry cloths)
Drama written and directed by Nico Salatino -

- with Grazia Daddario in one of the two main roles -

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F e Impiegato Pic

- "Felicetta e l'impiegato" - (Felicity and the Bank Cashier)
Comedy written and directed by Domy Lopez -

- Includes the monologue "A mamma mia" (To My Mother) - written and interpreted by Grazia Daddario -

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Grazia Daddario with Sergio Rubini
Back Stage - "The Twin Soul" Movie - 2002

Here You will see how and why Grazia Daddario is considered a very special talent. Her personality thrives back stage. Interpersonal relationships with, Directors, Actors and the Crew are very important and should be considered. Grazia Daddario's Down to Earth persona makes her unique. Here we will soon find out why by listing some of these moments.

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